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About Me

Dr. Prunicki is the Director of Air Pollution and Health Research at the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research at Stanford. Her research investigates the impact of air pollution and wildfires on the immune system, especially in vulnerable populations.  Cohorts  include children, teens, pregnant women, active and retired firefghters and the general population.  She oversees studies both in  Fresno, CA and the Bay area.  She is also interested in the impact of interventions during wildfire smoke exposure,  such as changes in immune health when using an air purifier.

Mary received her PhD from Northwestern University and her MD from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  After pausing her career to spend time with her children, Dr. Prunicki resumed her research by becoming an NIH re-entry scientist in immunology. Dr Prunicki is passionate about her research and the impact air pollution, wildfires and climate change are having on health.   She also finds focusing on firefighter health is a way to honor her late father, who was a volunteer firefighter in his younger days and whose work ethic and dedication she emulates.  Ultimately, her goal is  to use the research findings to educate and help shape policy to improve health.